Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good days do occure :)

So saturdays are basically the days that I aim to spend with Voluptas. Yesterday we were gonna meet at the park and just hang out for a bit. So I am walking and she drives by and says "Get in the car" and she goes around to sit in back with me. That was not a part of the plan. They ~she and her mom~ inform me that they are kidnapping me, and we are going to Dairy Queen. Like I'm gonna argue with that plan :P Afterwards, her mom takes us to an elementary school with playground equipment and leaves us there for a bit. We wrestle, I win :) As always.

We didn't know waht we were going to do for the remainder of the day. The original plan was to go to Bath to visit her grandparents, but that didn't happen for a number of reasons. Which is sad, because I haven't met them before, but they know about me and they are accepting. Oh well, another time, I'm sure :) So instead we went back to Mi Voluptas' house and played a an x-box game, me and her and her mom. We played Lips, which is a singing game. I failed xD Then we went upstairs to watch movies in her room. First we watched Shrek, then Lion King 2..... then they asked if I wanted to stay the night.

What?? Where did that come from??

Apparently, Mama V (that is officially her nickname. Stands for Mama of Voluptas) had told Voluptas that it was getting near that time to take me home, and Voluptas ~jokingly~ asked if I could stay the night. Well, Mama V decided to take it seriously..... and said yes!! So we called my dad and he said yes, too, because he rocks like that. I slept in the living room, on a cot. It wasn't all that comfy and I woke up way too early, but that's ok because Mama V said it was ok for me to wake up Voluptas, and I woke her up.... by crawling into her nice warm bed with her. We stayed like that for about an hour, and I almost fell asleep again. It was so good being in her bed, which was already warmed by her body heat, pressed up against her. It was so perfect.

Last night we stayed up late watching movies in her bed, and at one point she did fall asleep in my arms. She was on her back hugging one of my arms, and every now and then, she would twitch in her sleep, and her grip on my arm would tighten, or her leg would brush mine. She was so adorable. I miss her. I cannot wait until I can actually sleep in her bed with her for the entire night.

Happily yours,

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