Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fattening me up to eat me

That is waht my family is doing, I swear. I walked through the door today and what did I see? Two cakes (neither of which are chocolate) and two boxes of cookies (one of which is chocolate). I do not know why we buy stuff like this. Step Madre can't even eat it, it's bad for Dad, Sarah does not need that much sugar. It's like they are specifically trying to fatten me up. They notice I eat less and so they tempt me with unhealthy food! Right now, in the house, we have those cakes, those cookies, ice cream, AND nutella. But I haven't touched any of it, not today anyway. I had a spoonful of Nutella last night. See waht they are doing to me? I feel like such a pig!

BUT I ran a mile and a half before school this morning :D So I am feeling good because I ran and because I have not touched the junk food she ~Step Madre~ laid out so temptingly. I didn't eat lunch either. I was in the library finishing an essay. Voluptas doesn't know that. I don't know if I will tell her if she asks. I am tempted to lie to her. I HATE lying to her, but I have been eating like a pig lately. On Saturday, Voluptas and Mama V kidnapped me for Dairy Queen, on Sunday my sister brought brittle over that she had made and I had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, yesterday I had the nutella.... and that's just the junk food. Not even counting the actual meal food I've had. And at 6:30 tonight there is a civil rights meeting, and the advisor for that always lays out a whole bunch of candy, so that will tempt me. But I am not going to take any. I can't. I can't.

So there you have it

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